Advantix Large Dog 10 - 25kg 6 Pack

For the treatment and prevention of fleas and control of ticks on dogs.
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Fast-acting: Stops fleas feeding within 3 to 5 minutes. Easy to use: Simple spot-on treatment applied monthly or fortnightly for paralysis ticks. Safe: Can use on pregnant and lactating dogs and puppies from 7 weeks of age. Stops Feeding: Active ingredient works on contact to prevent fleas from biting. Protects against flea allergy dermatitis. Repels and kills ticks. Controls lice. Water resistant.
Active: 100 g/L Imidacloprid, 500 g/L Permethrin (40:60). Solvent: 484 g/L N-Methylpyrrolidone.
Apply every 2 weeks for paralysis tick control - for best results Advantix should be applied one month prior to first expected exposure to paralysis ticks. Apply monthly for control of other ticks and/or fleas. Suitable for use on: Dogs and puppies from 7 weeks of age. For puppies younger than 7 weeks of age, use an appropriate Advantage for Dogs. Safe to use on pregnant and lactating female dogs. TOXIC TO CATS.
TOXIC TO CATS - Reports of toxic effects in cats which groom or contact dogs treated with Advantix. Consult your vet before using on sick or debilitated dogs.
Advantix spot-on flea and tick treatment for dogs is for external use on dogs and puppies older than seven weeks.

Daily searching for and removal of ticks is recommended as risk of tick paralysis is not entirely eliminated.
For effective flea control all dogs and cats that share the common environment should be treated with an appropriate product.
For year round effective flea control, continue to apply the product on a monthly basis throughout the year.
For effective flea control, this product should not be applied or dosed in a manner other than that directed by the manufacturer.