babyU Scented Nappy Bags 200 Pack

Scented Nappy Bags which are ideal for the disposal of soiled nappies and wipes.
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Baby U Nappy Sacks are a convenient Nappy Disposal System. The specially formulated baby powder fragrance used in the Baby U Nappy Sacks neutralises dirty nappy odours. Hygienic tie handles tightly seal in wetness and bacteria, making change time convenient, safe and clean. Other handy features & uses: Use during toilet training; To assist with incontinence; Sanitary disposal; Transport soiled clothing; Scented bin liners; Scented bags for car rubbish; Ideal for shopping, picnics, playgroup, walking the dog, wherever!
Plastic bags can be dangerous. Keep out of reach of baabies, children and pets to avoid suffocation. Do not use for food storage. Dispose of thoughtfully.