Braun Touchless Forehead Thermometer

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Braun is a trusted name instantly recognised by the vast majority of Australian households. Braun healthcare products feature sophisticated German engineering, innovative design and user-friendly features, making them the No.1 choice for discerning families. The Braun Touchless + forehead thermometer is the first of its kind; an innovative forehead thermometer with the choice of easy, stress-free no touch readings, or the added reassurance of skin-contact readings. The ultimate in accuracy, usability and peace of mind.

Trusted Brand
Braun is a premium German brand, recognised for its high precision engineering and innovative design. Braun thermometers are preferred by doctors and paediatricians worldwide. It's estimated that a Braun ThermoScana„¢ themometer is used more than 1.5 million times every day around the world.

Innovative dual technology
The first ever thermometer with the convenience of two clinically proven options to take temperature a€" completely non-invasive no touch or traditional forehead touch.
Get the same professional accuracy whether touching your child's forehead or measuring up to 5cm away.

Quick & easy readings
The Braun Touchless + forehead takes measurements in under 2 seconds, making it one of the fastest ways to measure temperature.

The option of a€˜Touchless' mode also makes it perfect for distressed sick children, squirmy toddlers and small babies who may find it difficult to tolerate other, more invasive methods.

Patented satellite sensor
Braun Touchless + forehead thermometer is a very accurate way to measure temperature a€" even without skin contact.

The thermometer measures infrared energy radiated from the skin at the centre of the forehead. This energy is a€˜captured' through the thermometer's lens. Braun uses breakthrough technology with a lens shaped like a satellite, in order to capture twice as much radiated body heat compared to traditional forehead thermometers.

Large, colour coded display
Braun makes fever monitoring simple to understand, with a large, colour-changing display (like a a€˜traffic light') in background of the digital temperature reading.

Green: suggests no fever
Yellow: suggests moderate fever
Red: signals high fever

The thermometer also signals with different a€oebeepsa€ for different temperatures - a single 2 second beep after measurement if the temperature is in the acceptably low range, or with a series of 10 short beeps if it is moderate or high.

This function provides easy visual and audio cues to help users interpret fever status - particularly handy for tired or stressed parents or those who can't remember the indications for a fever.

User guidance system
How a thermometer is positioned is vital to the accuracy of its results. Braun's unique on-screen positioning system confirms proper distance for taking temperature and a gentle guidance light directs you to aim accurately.

Sophisticated design
The Touchless + forehead features elegant, sophisticated design with an ergonomic and comfortable handle, large buttons and easy-to-read LCD screen.

Safe & hygienic
The thermometer is safe and hygienic to use on babies, children and adults. As a non-invasive instrument, does not require probe covers.
Use only as directed. If fever persists, see your healthcare professional.