ColoVantage Home Bowel Screening Kit

An easy and convenient test used to detect blood in the stool/faeces (which is often hidden) that may be an early symptom of serious colorectal diseases.
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Australian medical guidelines for bowel cancer screening state those over 50 who are asymptomatic shoud screen every 1-2 years.The BowelScreen Australia program is a partnership between Bowel Cancer Australia and Clinical Genomics that allows customers to test at home for invisible blood in bowel movements that may indicate possible early signs of bowel cancer. Bowel cancer claims the lives of 4000 Australians annually with 15,000 new cases every year. 1 to 2 yealy screening can catch bowel cancers early when the outcomes for treatment are best; if caught at Stage 1, 90% of bowel cancers are succesfully treated.
The ColoVantage Home Faecal Immunochemal Test (FIT) kit contains a test card, 2 brushes, waste bags, prepaid envelope, instructions and patient information form
The test samples toilet water from bowel motions which are collected onto the test card and mailed back to the lab. The pathology lab processes the tests and provides a result (postitive or negtiave) to customer and nominated Doctor. See instructional video:
Customers with a family history or prior personal history of bowel cancer, current bowel disease conditions (eg, Crohn's, IBD) or overt symptoms (eg, anal bleeding) should consult their Doctor