Ego Moov Head Lice Combing Conditioner 200ml

Head Lice Combing Conditioner with comb. Helps make lice and egg detection and removal easy. Detangles hair, leaving it soft and smooth. The head lice removal comb's teeth are precisely aligned to help catch lice and remove eggs.
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Innovative low irritant formula. Natural essential oil. Strong & efficient comb. The head lice removal comb is strong and efficient, with rounded teeth that helps hair to slide through and the stainless steel teeth do not bend or break.
Use MOOV Head Lice Combing Conditioner and MOOV Head Lice Removal Comb weekly to help detect the presence of head lice and eggs while an epidemic is present.
All family members should be inspected.
Aqua (water), cyclomethicone, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate SE, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, glycerin, cetrimonium bromide, propylene glycol, tocopherol, disodium EDTA, methylparaben, propylparaben.
1. Apply a generous amount of MOOV Head Lice Combing Conditioner to wet or dry hair to ensure hair is saturated. 2. Massage MOOV Head Lice Combing Conditioner into hair, particularly near scalp. 3. Divide hair into segments. Starting at the scalp, comb out eggs and lice using the MOOV Head Lice Removal Comb. Wipe combings onto a tissue as you proceed. 4. Continue combing until no eggs or lice are found in combing residue. 5. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. 6. Rinse comb clean with warm water after each use. 7. MOOV Head Lice Combing Conditioner can be used alone to help detect the presence of head lice or in conjunction with MOOV Head Lice Solution.
For external use only. Avoid eyes, if irritation does occur, flush immediately with water. If irritation occurs, wash affected area and discontinue use. Keep our of reach and sight of children. Consult your health professional before use on infants under 6 months.