Euky Bear Chest Rub 50g

Euky Bear Rub is a gentle, soothing Australian Eucalyptus chest rub that helps relieve a sore throat, stuffy nose, irritating cough and general aches and pains.
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Rubbed into the chest, neck or feet this soothing rub provides therapeutic vapours which help clear a stuffy nose, soothes the throat and eases coughs. With the natural decongestant powers of eucalyptus, rosemary and menthol. No messy ointment pots or grease under fingernails; just squeeze the right amount from tube. Mid-strength: perfect for the whole family (ages 2+)a€¦ more active ingredients than a€oebabya€ chest rubs but still gentle enough to be used on small children and sensitive skin. Suitable for use in pregnancy & breastfeeding. Non-greasy and readily absorbed into skin. Multi-use: can be used as a soothing balm for insect bites, as an inhalant for steam therapy and for muscular aches and pains.
Eucalyptus oil 6.0% w/w, Eucalyptol 6.0% w/w, Menthol 5.0%, Camphor 4.9%, Rosemary oil 1.0%.
Gently massage Euky Bearub to throat, chest and around the nose to help clear nasal passages and help relieve a sore and inflamed throat. Repeat two or three times a day. Can be applied to throat, chest and back before retiring to help keep nasal passages clear and to ensure breathing is freer and sleep is more restful.
For external use only. Use only as directed. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist or in the case of very young children. Do not use if foil seal at the mouth of the tube is broken. Keep out of reach of children.