With continued pressure on dispensary margins, slowdown in generic substitution and increased national discounting it has become even harder to compete in today’s pharmacy landscape. Pharmacies can no longer depend solely on their prescription trade, it has become necessary for pharmacists to become better retailers and Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse provides that platform.

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse provides a comprehensive suite of services and tools to franchise partners enabling them to compete head on for the retail dollar. With a true business partner approach, Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse is focused on improving the customer experience and increasing profitability in every store through extensive marketing, merchandise and operational support.

By joining Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse you get access to:
  • A compelling large format retail offer able to compete head on against grocery and other discounters
  • A big-box discount pharmacy that is in the fastest growing segment of the pharmacy channel
  • A pharmacy brand ranked within the top 3 brands over 5 consecutive years (Advantage Report)
  • Comprehensive health services program
  • Sales driven marketing program utilising a unique promotional rebate strategy
  • Extensive above the line advertising to support key retail campaigns
  • Margin improvement program
  • In-store execution support backed by a compliance rebate program
  • Industry leading performance analytics and benchmarking
  • Competitive franchise fees

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