Hi Lift Blonde Powder Bleach Sachet 30g

Bleach Powder
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Lightens & removes pigment from the hair follicle.
Potassium Persulfate 45.7%, Ammonium Persulfate 15% , Sodium Silicate 10-30% , Sodium Sterate , Magnesium Carbonate , Magnesium Oxide , Sodium Persulfate 2% Guar Gum , Edta, Sodium Laurysulfate , Fragrance
Empty the desired amount of Hi Lift into a non metalic bowl . Mix a double qty of peroxide 20 or 30 Vol (depending on the results) to a creamy consistency . On dry Hair apply according to desired results . Average development time 25-30 minutes Do not exceed 40 minutes . Rinse thoroughly until every trace of bleach is washed away.
If irritation occurs discontinue use & seek medical advise