Huggie Fabric Softener White Lavender 2L

Huggie Fabric Conditioner White Lavender for softness & freshness every day.
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Cares for fibres and maintains shape.
Reduces static cling.
Makes ironing easier.
Helps reduce drying time.
Add Huggie to your machine's fabric conditioner dispensing unit or dilute and add to final rinse. Do not pour undiluted Huggie directly onto fabrics. If staining does occur, rib with Sunlight or Velvet Soap to remove the mark. Do not use Huggie or any other fabric conditioner when the water supply is severely discoloured. Do not use Huggie with bleach or any other product in the final rinse. Top Loaders: 80mL, 1 cap Front Loaders & Twin Tubs: 60mL, 3/4 cap Hand Washing: 40mL, 1/2 cap
Fabric conditioners are not for use on children's sleepwear, or other garments labelled as flame resistant, as they may reduce flame resistance. Keep out of reach of children.