Medela Contact Nipple Shield Medium Pack

The Contact Nipple Shields protect your nipples during feeding and also help your baby to latch-on.
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Our Contact Nipple Shields can help you if you suffer from breastfeeding problems. They enable you to breastfeed your baby despite these difficulties. The Contact Nipple Shields protect nipples during feeding and also help baby to latch-on. The special shape offers maximum skin contact. The Contact Nipple Shields are available in three sizes (Small, Medium & Large) and comes with a convenient storage box.
Moisten the contact nipple shield to make sure that it will stick to the skin. Before you use the nipple shield make sure that the a€oecut out -parta€ points in the direction of the baby's nose during the feeding. Turn it inside out; like a Mexican hat. Grip the wings on nipple shield. Cover the holes with the middle finger. Keep the finger over the hole so that a vacuum is created. At the same time, pull the wings until the nipple shield turns itself over and they lie flat against the breast. The nipple now fills almost the whole contact nipple shield. The baby will now have a deep grip with its mouth on the nipple and is not sucking only on the tip of the nipple.
Please read instructions before use. Always read the label, use only as directed.