Medela Quick Clean Microwave Bag 5 Pack

Safe, quick and practical. With Medela Quick Clean Microwave Bags you can disinfect breastfeeding accessories such as bottles and tubes in less than three minutes
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Fast - Disinfection takes just three minutes. Safe - Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Easy to use - Disinfect in just three easy steps. Space saving - small and easy to store.
1. Disassemble the items that you wish to disinfect into their individual parts. 2. Thoroughly rinse all parts with cold, clear water (approx. 20°C), then clean them with warm, soapy water (approx. 30°C). Rinse again with cold, clear water 3. Add 60ml of water to the bag 4 Put the parts to be disinfected into the bag. Do not overload the bag. Do not disinfect the tubing in the microwave bag as this may lead to it becoming deformed. 5. Seal the bag tightly I Put the tightly sealed bag into the microwave. Place the bag in the centre of the turntable) Make sure the bag stands up securely and can turn freely in the microwave. Note: If your microwave does not have a turntable, turn the bag halfway through the heating process. I Heat the bag according to the heating times below. Heating times: 1100W+ = 1.5 minutes 800-1100W = 3 minutes 500-750W = 5 minutes
Please read instructions before use.