Medication Check

Professional Services

What is a Medication Check?

  • A seated private consultation with our pharmacist
  • Discuss any problems with your medicines
  • Discuss strategies to overcome problems
  • Receive information about your medicines & medical conditions
  • Gather information about medication use and storage
  • Take home a personalised medication list and action plan

Who would benefit from a Medication Check?

Anyone that would like to learn more about their medicines would benefit from a Medication Check. However, it would particularly benefit those recently discharged from hospital or any taking five or more medications.

Are you eligible for a free Medication Check?

Do you take more than 5 medicines? Would you like to better understand your medicines? You might be eligible for a Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse Medication Check, fully funded by Medicare with no out-of-pocket expense.

You may be elligible for a Medication Check if you:

  • Take more than 5 medicines
  • Have suffered a recent medical event
  • Have been recently diagnosed with diabetes
  • Require help managing diabetes.

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