Medication Review Service

Professional Services

Pharmacists are medicines experts and are available to provide a funded, one-on-one discussion and medication review for you,  aimed at addressing concerns or questions you may have about your medicines. In-pharmacy medicines reviews are knowns as MedsChecks.

What happens in a MedsCheck service?

  • You will benefit from a seated private consultation with our pharmacist
  • You can discuss any concerns about your medicines
  • The pharmacist may discuss strategies to address your concerns
  • We will provide information about your medicines & medical conditions
  • You will receive information about medicine use and storage
  • A personalised medication list and action plan will be given to you to take home

Who would benefit from a MedsCheck service?

Anyone that would like to learn more about their medicines would benefit from a MedsCheck service. It would particularly benefit you if you have recently been discharged from hospital or are taking five or more medications.

Are you eligible for a funded MedsCheck service?

Do you take more than 5 medicines? Would you like to better understand your medicines? You might be eligible for a MedsCheck service, fully funded by Medicare with no out-of-pocket expense to you.

You may be eligible for a funded MedsCheck if you:

  • Have a current Medicare or DVA card 
  • Live at home
  • Take 5 or more medicines
  • Have suffered a recent medical event
  • Have been recently diagnosed with diabetes
  • Require help managing diabetes
  • Have not had a medicines review in the last year

Book an appointment discuss your medications privately with your pharmacist in the pharmacy.


Click the link below to book your MedsCheck appointment:


For some people, a Home Medicines Review may be more appropriate. These are longer appointments with a pharmacist in your home. In a Home Medicines Review, the pharmacist will spend more time with you to help you understand all the medicines you take, develop a medicine management plan and make recommendations to your other health professionals about improving the use of medicines and reducing the likelihood of adverse events. Ask our pharmacists for more information about Home Medicines Reviews.