Mute Nasal Device Trial Pack 3 Pack

Breathe More, Snore Less. 3 Pack is a 30 Night Supply. (1 x small, 1 x medium, 1 x large)
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Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
Mute is a nasal stent designed to hold open and dilate the nasal airways to reduce the effect of nasal obstruction and improve nasal breathing. This is a key factor in improving sleep quality. By minimising nasal obstruction and optimising your ability to breathe through your nose you can reduce your reliance on mouth breathing, this in turn may reduce the vibrations that can cause disruptive snoring.

Mute, an Australian design, has been crafted to fit the contours of the nose to ensure it stays comfortably in place throughout the night.
Using a patented dilation mechanism and made with ultra soft polymers, Mute is designed to sit comfortably inside the nose to dilate the nasal airways and reduce the effect of nasal obstruction, improve nasal breathing which in turn may reduce snoring. All critical factors in improving sleep quality.
Mute's dilation mechanism allows for subtle adjustments from one nostril to the other, ensuring optimal airflow through both sides and the right fit.
Results may vary.
Mute is made from ultra-soft, medical grade polymers and does not contain latex.
Mute is designed to improve nasal breathing during sleep. Mute should only be worn inside the nose. You should choose the size that is right for you either by purchasing the trial pack containing one of each size, or by using the Mute sizing guide.
After initially inserting Mute, you will have the correct size, if Mute feels comfortable and you forget it is there after a short period of time.
Mute is fitted correctly if the connecting bridge, the only visible part outside the nose, is spanning across the top of your nostrils. If not, gently push the bridge of the nasal device up towards to the tip of your nose. This will ensure Mute is sitting correctly inside your nose.

Mute is suitable for use by people over the age of 12 and not to be used in contact sports or water sports and swimming.
To maintain optimal performance of Mute, store at room temperature and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children, as Mute is a small part. Mute is not suitable for use by children under the age of 12. Mute is reuseable up to 10 times and can be recycled.
Always read the label & use only as directed. This device is for personal use only and should not be shared with other people.
Do not use during contact sports or water sports or while swimming. Keep out of reach of children.

Important: Mute nasal device is not for the treatment of sleep apnea. If you think that your snoring may be a symptom of sleep apnea, you should consult your doctor or a sleep specialist.