Neat Feat Gel Femme 3/4 Arch Support Insole 1 Pair

Gel absorbs shock forces in heel and ball of foot area.
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Ultra-slim 3/4 length design wont crowd the toes.
Energising gel absorbs shock in heel; cushions sensitive ball of foot.
Ideal for arch pain caused by flat, weak, fallen or high arches.
Enjoy all day comfort without pain. fun fashion & stylish; discreet clear gel; lightweight.
Slim Design fits all footwear: High heels, Slings, Open-Toes, Dress, and Casual.

If the insoles stop sticking, simply handwash with a mild soap and water then air dry, this should help re-energise them.
Quality Polymer Gel.
To use - Dry wipe the inside of shoe clean. Remove clear plastic adhesive backing on the insole and place in shoe - tacky side down. Align insole with arch position, press down to adhere.
Always read the label, use only as directed. If orthotic problems persist please seek medical advice.