Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7121

The Omron HEM7121 Standard Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor allows for easy blood pressure measurements at home.
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Product Features:
- Cuff Wrapping Guide
Guides user to the right cuff wrap by indicating "OK" to ensure an accurate and reliable blood pressure measurement

- Stores 30 Measurements in Memory

- Body Movement Detection
Prompts user to retake measurement when an error is detected due to body movement

- IntelliSense Technology
Automatically applies the right amount of pressure for fast, accurate and more comfortable measurement.

The IntelliSensea„¢ Monitor inflates the cuff to the ideal level with each use. No adjustments are required by the user to select an inflation level. This is especially convenient for hypertensive users and for people with certain arrhythmia or heart disorders, because their blood pressure is likely to fluctuate.

- Advantages of IntelliSense Technology
Fully automatic
Personalized inflation for maximum comfort
Quick deflation releases valve for speedy measurement

- Irregular Heartbeat Detection
An irregular heartbeat is a heartbeat rhythm that varies by more than 25% from the average heartbeat rhythm detected while the unit is measuring blood pressure.

1. If such an irregular rhythm is detected more than twice during measurement, the irregular heartbeat symbol appears on the display with the measurement result.
2. If the irregular heartbeats cause the measurement to be invalid, no result is shown.
3. If the irregular heartbeat symbol is shown after you have taken a measurement, repeat the measurement.
4. If the symbol continues to appear, we recommend you to consult your healthcare professional.

- Hypertension Indicator
Heartbeat symbol blinks if your systolic or diastolic pressure is outside the standard range (above 135 systolic/85 diastolic mmHg).

For people with high blood pressure. Consult your doctor to evaluate the readings. Check your device periodically for accuracy.
Wrap the cuff around the upper arm, press the "Start/Stop Button" the cuff will inflate, then deflate before displaying your bloodpressure reading.
Consult your doctor to evaluate the readings. Check your device periodically for accuracy. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that ingredient listings for products displayed on this website are up to date, accurate and complete.

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