Skin Doctors Instant Facelift 30ml

Instant Facelift by Skin Doctors is a surgery free treatment that instantly tones, tightens & contours the skin. Look years younger, instantly.
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Surgery free specialised cosmeceutical treatment that immediately tones, tightens and contours the skin. Lift, firm, smooth and energise tired and sagging skin to look years younger and fresher - instantly. Combining 3 highly specialized lifting and firming technologies, Instant Facelift forms a tightening matrix to hold the skin taut and firm, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Instant Facelift works in minutes and lasts for hours.
Liftensyl Ls 9759, Argatensyl, Easyliance.
1. Clean and dry the skin ensuring all make up and moisturisers are removed.
2. Shake bottle slightly before use. Test the serum on your palm. If texture of the lotion is gritty, continue shaking the bottle.
3. Place a few drops on your palm and using your finger apply to form a thin layer over the face.
4. Once applied look straight ahead and try not to make any facial movements such as smiling or talking for at least 2 to 3 minutes or until the serum has dried.
Prior to each use, patch test on a small section of the treatment area and wait 24 hours. Discontinue use if allergic reaction or irritation occurs. Avoid direct contact with eyes, mouth, inflamed, sun burnt or broken skin. For external use only.