Vicks Fever InSight Thermometer 1 Pack

Meaures temperature in 8 seconds. Easy to understand: large, colour-changing display with innovative "traffic light" system to decode readings. Thermometer for oral, underarm or rectal. Professionally accurate. Memory recall & beeps when ready. Lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.
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Perfect for busy people or those with infants or children who find staying still difficult, the Vicks Fever Insight takes readings in just 8 seconds No knowledge of temperatures required - in addition to giving a numbers read-out, the large, backlit colour-changing screen instantly reveals fever status by using a 'traffic light' system: green for normal temperature, yellow for slightly elevated or mild fever, and red for a possible high fever. 3 in 1: can measure temperature orally, rectally or under arm so is versatile for the whole family. Professionally accurate - giving correct temperature between +/-0.1°C and is designed to be clinically accurate within a range of 32.2°C to 42.8°C. Large, LCD screen makes temperature reading a breeze even in low light. Beeps to indicate when temperature read-out is ready. Safer: no glass or mercury. Waterproof: the probe area is waterproof for easy cleaning and sterilising. Automatic shut-off helps extend battery life.
Model V916C-AUS
Refer to instructions leaflet inside packaging.
Always read the label, use only as directed. If fever or complaints persist see your doctor.