April 19, 2023

Shaun's Story 2019 Intern


Career so far? 

My time with Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse (GPPW) all started with my intern year at Capalaba. This was where, under the careful eye of the head pharmacist, I grew in my abilities. Throughout the year I learnt skills and techniques to start my journey as a practising pharmacist. Upon getting close to finishing my intern period, I was offered the chance to work in one of the regional areas. I took the plunge; I was keen for the experience as I had not worked in a regional area before. For the past 3 years I have called Kingaroy home. To say it has just been an experience isn’t doing it justice. The longer I have stayed in Kingaroy the more I have realised just what a rock-solid grounding regional and rural work gives you. Whether early on or later in your professional career, it’s always worth giving your time to these communities. I can comfortably say I have made lifelong friends out here that cannot and will not be replaced. This year however sees me returning to the “big smoke” of Brisbane. I look forward to a future with GPPW and all potential career opportunities they can offer me. 


Your intern experience with Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse? Your experience with our intern training? 

I had chosen the intern training program provided by UQ as it appeared to be a more in-depth program at the time. As mentioned before, I was supported by the head pharmacist at Capalaba during my internship, giving me those basic core skills for my career. The real difference I found however was the intern training program offered by GPPW head office. They have a truly vested interest in making you the most well-rounded pharmacist that there can be. Topics ranging from in depth vitamin training to the basics of managing stressful situations were covered. While you might think these are touched by the intern program you had selected, I can say without doubt that GPPW’s intern training filled in the gaps. This was invaluable knowledge and skills for a pharmacist starting their career. Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse gives you the training to succeed from the beginning. 


Experience you have had in working in varied locations?  

I have had the pleasure of being able to work at a number of different stores before leaving for Kingaroy. I enjoy the flexibility offered by GPPW Pharmacy in this regard. Head office has had the forethought in creating a uniform store design making it easy to “pick up the tools” no matter which store you find yourself at. This allows you to simply focus on what is important, providing high quality care for your patients. Upon my return to Brisbane, I look forward to being able to do this again.