Urinary Tract Infections

  • wanting to urinate more often and urgently 
  • a sensation of burning pain when urinating
  • a feeling of fullness in the bladder after urinating
  • experiencing pain above the pubic bone

Pharmacists are able to provide treatment for UTIs to elgible women in Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse pharmacies*. The UTI pharmacy service is available to non-pregnant women between 18 and 65 years who are deemed to be experiencing uncomplicated UTIs. If you have severe symptoms, have signsof a kidney infection (such as back pain) or feel unwell (high temperature or flu-like symptoms), we will recommend that you visit your General Practitioner.

If you are concerned and think that you may have a UTI, you can request a private consultation with a pharmacist who will be able to assess your symptoms, provide advice and where possible, provide immediate access to antibiotic treatment if that is appropriate.  Our advice will include some tips about what you can do to prevent infections and to improve your recovery. Our pharmacists may also be able to recommend some products to help relieve your symptoms such as pain relief or urinary support

If you are unable to attend work, our pharmacists can also provide you with a Sick Leave Certificate. 

Click the link below to book your appointment online:

*UTI services are currently operating as pilot programs or clinical trials in some jurisdictions 


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